🐕About Cau Vang

The golden dog that will carry you from Moon to Mars

Cau Vang is a community-first project on zkSync, backed by nothing except the love, passion and creativity of blockchain users and degens!

Why we choose to push "CAU VANG" on live again? 'Cậu Vàng' - symbol of solidarity in the midst of devastating famine

For Vietnamese people, the story of Cậu Vàng and Lão Hạc serves as a typical example of the suffering of farmers during the war. It also symbolizes the famine during that time, where farmers had to endure the constant struggle of not having enough food to eat, clothes to wear, and constantly being threatened and oppressed.

In the story, Lão Hạc loved his son so much that he had to sell Cậu Vàng for make ends meet. Later, because of his intense sadness, Lão Hạc ate poisened dog meat and died.

We want to create a token based on the image of Cậu Vàng because it is a symbol and a typical story of Vietnamese people. We want the international community to see the suffering that the Vietnamese people had to endure, and how we have developed and persevered.

Cậu Vàng is a symbol for us to remember the time of famine and hardship in the past, to be grateful and strive every day. Moreover, we want to bring Cậu Vàng and Lão Hạc together and live happily on the blockchain forever.

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